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Posted: October 13, 2011 in amit chand
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Designing is not about to making a structure and fills that with some graphics or colors.
It is like a company worth 100 cores   asking to you that “can you designing something for us which help us to stand out in market”
Software is just a tool to fill some color on your imagination I don’t think we need to run behind software. Create a design inside your brain then import it on software.For making a perfect design you must have a good knowledge of –
·      Brands,
·      Logo,
·      Color,
·      Logo guidelines,
·     Logo positioning,
·     Artwork style,
·     New video and print ads in market.
But To search all this things on internet always took time
So Here is some link ,visit these sites and join them by FaceBook and twitter,
these website will send you regular update on your FaceBook wall about brands and their ads, creative ads print and video both, logo, different version and color of logo, even you can download all vector logo from these site,
and some time tutorials for your software too.
Follow the links
or if you want to know  latest event and ads  in India  so you can visit
Write to me if you find this is useful
my email id – amitchand86@gmail.com

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